Dear Visitors of the Zittau Mountains, Families and Railway friends, The smallest low mountain range of Germany – the Zittau Mountains – is situated in southeast Saxony at the Polish-Czech border.

Discover picturesque sandstone rock formations and small mountain villages, with lovely Upper Lusatian houses (Umgebindehaus). As in every mountain range, the Zittau Mountains have a history of the wonderful world of legends and fairy tales, which is shown to visitors in museums and other public spaces. Explore this amazing region by taking a ride on a narrow-gauge steam-powered railway.

Steam trains run daily from the departure station to the Oybin and Jonsdorf health resorts. On a delightful journey, you will see the charming landscape along the route. To both new visitors and those who know the Zittau Mountains already, this booklet offers suggestions and ideas for a pleasant stay. Thus, join us and discover some treasures of Saxony in the enthralling Zittau Mountains.

Yours sincerely, Zittau Narrow-Gauge Railway

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